Test Automation

Test Automation

Companies demand faster and more comprehensive testing to improve quality and time to market. Increased frequencies of online software updates/release cycles make “Regression Automation” a must. It also generates unprecedented challenges for the software Testing/QA team which many software development firms aim to overcome with reduced time and cost. Our automation testing proficiency assures clients of best practices, affordable pricing, and optimum use of available resources. With an emphasis on greater customer satisfaction, experts at our automation testing lab make sure that the test automation framework perfectly suits the requirements, improves software quality and adds strategic significance to the product life cycle.

Benefits of our Test Ecosystem as a Service:

  • “Application under Test” evaluation for Test Automation
  • Test Automation environment setup
  • Implementing end-to-end Test Automation, which includes Test Management, Test Case & Test Suite creation, Test Execution & Reporting, and Test Maintenance
  • Integrate existing systems with open source Test Automation frameworks for scalable and reliable Test Automation
  • Establishing scalable Test Automation knowledge repository for faster defect identification and defect fixes
  • Training support for Test Automation implementation

Why Adopt Automation Testing?

With reduced time and resources, Test automation ensures primal quality for brand dominance.


    The initial fees for scripting might seem to be on the higher side but in the long run, the maintenance is substantially cheaper than that of manual software testing.


    Automated tests can run virtually unattended, while the results can be monitored towards the end of the process.


    The inclusion of QA automation covers the maximum testing area and eliminates human error, thereby ensuring better product quality.


    The reports are generated automatically after every run. They are standardized, detailed and accurate.

Tools and Technologies Used

Our QA engineers can quickly adapt to your processes. The team can use any other manual testing tools that are convenient for you. Just let us know about your preferences.

  • client imgPROTRACTOR
  • client imgMOCHA
  • client imgCYPRESS.IO
  • client imgWEBDRIVER.IO
  • client imgCODECEPT.JS
  • client imgNIGHTWATCH
  • client imgSPECTRON
  • client imgAPPIUM
  • client imgCALABASH
  • client imgBROWSERSTACK
  • client imgSAUCELABS
  • client imgAWS DEVICE FARM
  • client imgROBOT FRAMEWORK
  • client imgALOE
  • client imgNOSE
  • client imgALLURE
  • client imgJMETER
  • client imgSELENIDE
  • client imgSELENIUM
  • client imgAPPIUM
  • client imgSAUCELAB
  • client imgBROWSERSTACK
  • client imgAWS DEVICE FARM
  • client imgSELENIUM
  • client imgWATIR
  • client imgCAPYBARA
  • client imgCUCUMBER
  • client imgCODECEPTION
  • client imgBEHAT
  • client imgJMETER
  • client imgBLAZEMETER
  • client imgMSVS
  • client imgNEOLOAD
  • client imgSELENIUM
  • client imgCODEDUI
  • client imgTELERIK